If you were using EFT before, you will now be offered the new “Recurring/Instant EFT” option when viewing your invoice online.

The new facility allows you to use the same reference every month, when making a payment, which means you can simply schedule an automatic EFT payment using your bank’s EFT facilities, or do an instant EFT using the reference — saving you time!

When selecting the “Recurring/Instant EFT” option you will be displayed your unique reference number (similar to making municipal bill payments).

This reference number will not change (unlike the old Payfast system), and any deposits made into our account using the COOLxxxx reference will always be allocated to your account. Thus you can safely schedule a recurring payment using your bank’s systems, or simply pay every month using the unique reference number.

You could even schedule the automatic transfer on a calendar day of your convenience (when you get paid for example) and we will automatically allocate the amount paid to your next invoice which is generated on the 1st of every month.

Please be sure to always transfer your funds to:

First National Bank

Account Number: 62814411229

Branch Code 250655

Reference: Your unique account number starting with COOL

The bank details will always be displayed on the electronic invoice you receive, and we will not change it without prior notification.

Important note!

The reference always starts with COOL directly followed by your unique account number, such as COOL1234 — no spaces or anything else in between.

If you do not pay using the correct reference we will not be able to allocate the funds correctly to your account.